Labor is a time for you to trust your body’s wisdom, let go, and experience the empowering, deeply profound process of giving birth. A Doula’s presence not only holds the space for this environment, but provides physical and emotional support before, during and after labor.


Every mom deserves a doula! The Sun and Stars Package includes two prenatal meetings, continuous support throughout labor (at home, hospital or combination of both), unlimited phone calls and one home visit postpartum. This is a great time to go over your birth and receive any help you may need with breastfeeding.


Ilona will meet with you and your partner before your birth to help you prepare for labor and arrival of your baby. This is the time to discuss your birth plan, and the type of birth you would like to experience, including any specific concerns you may have about pregnancy and labor. It’s a great time to practice labor, going over various positions that feel good to you, and massage techniques. Dad will learn how he can emotionally and physically support you. By the time you go into labor, you will feel comfortable, prepared and ready to begin the exciting journey that lies ahead.


Having a doula present allows Dad to assist in a loving, supportive manner without the added pressure of needing to know everything. During labor, it’s important for Dad to keep up his strength as well by eating and taking occasional catnaps. Having a doula present allows Dad to take care of himself so that he can be fully present for mom and baby.


Beginning from 30 weeks onward, I am available any time day or night to answer your questions and discuss your pregnancy and labor.


Ilona is with you from the time you are in active labor until your new baby is born. It is profoundly comforting to have another woman present. During this time, Ilona will help you find comfortable positions, massage your back and/or feet, act as your hospital advocate, and make sure you understand and are always aware of your options during labor.

Labor is a great time to draw upon relaxation techniques such as massage, aromatherapy, hypnosis and guided visualizations, sounding and water therapy (a very effective technique in reducing pain, increasing comfort and your body’s natural stress relief hormones).


If you would like, Doula services include taking photographs and/or video of the birth. Having a trusted person taking photos enables Dad to be present for the birth without having to worry about fiddling with camera equipment.


Many moms experience tremendous stress and fatigue the days following delivery. It can be very reassuring to discuss your experience your doula. Additionally, as a Lactation Consult, Ilona will help you with any breastfeeding questions you may have such as how often, latch technique, how to tell when baby is getting enough, etc.. Breastfeeding should not hurt so please be sure to arrange an appointment if you experience any discomfort or pain. Early intervention can make the difference between successful breastfeeding and giving up in frustration.



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