What to Do if You Miss a Feeding

Many mom’s wonder what to do if they miss a scheduled feeding or pump session, and whether or not their milk supply will be affected.

To put your mind at ease, missing one or two feedings here and there will not affect your milk supply. Missing a specific feed at the same time each day over a period of a week or so, would lessen the milk supply at that time. Keep in mind that your body makes milk based on demand and supply. The more demand there is, the more milk your body will make. This is why you don’t have to worry about running out of milk!

So let’s say that you are out on a date with your husband from 8 to 12 and you normally would breastfeed your baby at 9 pm. If you feed or pump right before leaving on your date, you will most likely be fine. Worst case scenario you would start to feel full during your date. At that time you could either: a) hand express some milk out in the bathroom. b) pump in your car or find a private place to do this (may be difficult in your average restaurant) or c) wait until you get home.

Many women find that although their breasts may feel a bit full and uncomfortable by the end of the date, they have no problem waiting until they get home to continue with pumping or feed their baby (better than any pump on the market!)



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